3 Things you should know about dirty talk

The art of aural sex

With cybersex one of the latest of the Internet trends the art of aural sex has grown and with more and more people relaxing into the art of dirty talk as they realize how stimulating being talked dirty to and taking dirty can be!

The fine line between being offensive and enticing with dirty talk!

Although talking dirty can be very stimulating and in a way sexually liberating there is a very fine line between it being sexy and offensive.  When you are wanting to express yourself in that way keep in mind you are trying to entice and excite your partner not offend and or put them off.

3 things you should and should not say when talking dirty:

#1        Unless explicitly asked to try not to be insulting or critical in anyway.
Woman and men alike tend to like being told how sexy they are and what parts of them drive you wild.

#2        Always let your partner know how much you crave them and that you wish what you were sharing, and feeling would last indefinitely.
Try not to have prolonged silences or not talk at all, woman want to feel desired and know that they are pleasing as does a man.  Communication is not only the key to any relationship even just a sexual one it is also an aphrodisiac when a person’s voice is laced with the gruffness of desire and their eyes intense pools of lust!

#3        Say your partner’s name while you nibble their ear or as you are reaching that pinnacle.  Make them feel that you are there with them and not some fantasy in your head or striving for a quick release.  It makes them feel you are both in the same room sharing an intimate act together!
It should not even have to be said but saying the wrong name – well that is sure to get a little bit rough and not in a satisfying way!


Aural sex shared over the phone or by other digital means can be fulfilling but when practiced during sex makes the act a bit more intimate and exciting.
Get creative, be respectful of each other’s boundaries and try not to be to scientifically accurate in your account of your partner’s anatomy, it is “dirty talk” after all, but mostly enjoy each other!

2 common questions and or misconceptions about the psychology of the BDSM lifestyle

Fifty Shades of Grey launches BDSM into polite society!

When the book hit the shelves, it was the hottest topic for both book lovers and non-book lovers alike.  In fact, the book may even have encouraged some people to read it got so much publicity as the hottest novel around!  The launch of the movies replacing the need for the reader’s imagination and bringing to light the less than vanilla lifestyle.

2 common questions about the BDSM lifestyle

Q1       Are people who practice the BDSM lifestyle disturbed or mentally ill?

A1       If this was the 1800’s or early 1900’s the answer to that question would have been a big yes as itwas classified by Freud as “enjoyment neurotic” and he coined the phrase “sadomasochism” and was classified as “sexual sadism” which was according to him “a deviation”.  SM was still classed as a psychiatric disorder at the beginning of the 1990’s.
But then again oral sex was as taboo and perverse as homosexuality in the not too distant past as well!  Recent studies and a better understanding of BDSM the evidence points to the larger percentage of people who live the BDSM lifestyle being mentally healthy and mostly upstanding citizens who just find the vanilla lifestyle less than fulfilling!

Q2       Who partakes in such a lifestyle and what do they do?

A2       Many women and men have at sometime or the other fantasized about some form of BDSM.    People who actually partake in the practice are ordinary men and woman from all walks of life, educational backgrounds and careers
There are a few forms of BDSM from light bondage with the use of various restraints such as silk ties, handcuffs to the full-fledged BDSM that use various ropes and knots and acts.  There is always a dominant and a submissive, usually the dominant takes care of their submissive, there is a lot of mutual trust, a deep bond and a standing set of boundaries and rules each must adhere to.


BDSM is a way for some people to gain a deeper intimacy and a more fulfilling lifestyle.

6 beneficial reasons for you and your partner to learn how to practice the art of Tantric sex!

Tantric sex and its origins

The practice and origins of Tantra are not exactly known and seem to have been lost through the ages as the art of Tantra has evolved through the ages.  It is believed that it may have been practiced in ancient times as a means of gathering bodily fluids to the Tantric Gods and a means of some form of clan initiation rites.

The 3 purposes of sex according to the Tantric texts

The Tantra breaks the purpose of sex down into three distinctively separate purposes which are:

  • Pleasure
  • Procreation
  • Liberation

2 main forms of Tantric sex in the modern world

There are 2 forms of Tantric sex that are practiced today, and they are:

  • Neotantra – this is the more modern form of tantra which is practiced mostly in the Western world as it separates the practice from its more religious roots, concentrating more on increased intimacy, explores a host of sexual practices and how to create delayed more intense orgasms for both partners.
  • Tantra – is practiced in a lot of different religious practices throughout Asia which involves great prior education, extensive preparation by the couple under the strict supervision of a Guru or teacher adept in the ancient rituals of their religion.

6 benefits of practicing Tantric sex

When Tantric sex is practiced correctly and lovingly between partners they have all reported the following key benefits of the art:

#1        More than one intense, prolonged and fulfilling orgasms for both partners

#2        The sensory sensations are extraordinary almost like a sensory high

#3        Foreplay becomes a flow of sensual exploration instead of some clumsy means to an end

#4        An overpowering feeling and deeper understanding of becoming one as a person all but experiences what the other is feeling

#5        Some people feel a oneness with the universe experiencing something almost transcendental akin to that of which users of LSD and deep state trans experiences have reported

#6        A greater sense of self, and awareness of one’s inner God or Goddess, an acceptance of who they are and all that they are


Although these reported benefits have done wonders for many a couple’s relationships, gone as far as to save marriages and even in some cases healed a few wounds.  The most significant of reasons and benefits to practicing Tantric sex is the emotional benefits it hasfor both partners.