5 sexually fueled books that are bound to fuel the imagination, flame the senses and give lots of food for thought!

#1    131 Dirty Talk Examples
Written by Elizabeth Cramer
For all those out there longing to hear their partner moan, gruffly whisper or scream what they want from you, this book brings to light the fact that dirty talk is not dirty at all but all a natural part of any healthy sex life.

#2    Making Love, Not Porn: A Romantic, Natural, and Emotional Guide to Sex in the 21st Century
Written by Jonathan Jones
This book looks at how the influences of pornography in the 21st century are affecting the expectations in the bedroom.

#3    The BDSM Relationship Handbook (Domination & Submission)
Written by Michael Makai
This book is a must-read for those who are tired of their vanilla lifestyles and want to learn a bit more about the world of dominance and or submission

#4    Sex Rules! : Astonishing Sexual Practices and Gender Roles Around the World
Written by Janice Z. Brodman
This book will literally make you gasp and laugh at the same time as the author takes you on a
sexual trip around the world exploring the various ways sex is enjoyed and viewed within different cultures.

#5    Tantric Sex, Step-by-Step Guide to Learning The Art of Tantric Sex
Written by Grace Mason and Jim Owens
Written for both men and woman this book breaks down the art of the Tantric Sex bringing new awareness, enlightenment and fulfilment to a person’s sex life.